Camera giám sát ADlink PCI RTV-24


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- Công ty chuyên bán máy camera giám sát ADlink PCI RTV-24 giá rẻ tại hà nội có hỗ trợ giao hàng tận nơi - ADlink PCI RTV-24-CH PCI Real-time Video Capture Card for Standard Cameras Features

Hỗ trợ bán hàng Hỗ trợ bán hàng: 0983504555

Hỗ trợ bán hàng Hỗ trợ bán hàng: 0466819719

Hỗ trợ kĩ thuật Hỗ trợ kĩ thuật: 0437639860

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Nơi bán camera ADlink PCI RTV-24 giá rẻ

Windows® Platform

Available for Windows® Vista (64/32-bit)/XP/XP
Available for Microsoft® DirectX
Recommended programming environments: C#/.NET/VC++/VB/C++ Builder/Delphi
Sample programs included

Angelo-LVIEW: LabVIEW® Driver Support for ADLINK Frame Grabbers
ADLINK's Angelo-LVIEW interface software packages contain libraries with many virtual instruments (VIs) acting as the interface between ADLINK DLLs and LabVIEW. Developers familiar with LabVIEW can easily take advantage of LabVIEW's intuitive graphical programming capability as well as the performance of ADLINK's frame grabbers.
* National Instruments and LabVIEW are trademarks of National Instrument, Inc.
Linux Platform

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